Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Movies. Some Thoughts.

Today I watched two movies and my small thoughts.

a. 'Anand' of ShivRajKumar and Sudharani - 1986.
Both of them were introdcued in this film. A happy going college movie with some family elements. To be honest I felt, comparing with his later movies (like the cult one 'Om'), Shiv struggled little bit in emotinal delivery in this one. Ofcourse first movie. It is difficult to accept his current matured face against the chocolate boy of this movie. Time flies.
And, surprisingly Sudharani's acting was not like a debutant and ofcourse, she was fabulously beautiful. ;)
I added two songs in my playlist from this Shankar-Ganesh musical hit, 'Neela megha gaali' and 'Mogavu chenna'. Thanks.

b. 'Geetha' of ShankarNag and Padmavathu Rao - 1981.
I came to know about this movie nearly 11 years back, when I arrived to Bangalore very first time. The FMs played the classic melody 'Jotheyali' from this movie almost daily. The song attracted me not only because of its sweet tune but it was already familiar by used in a Tamil song 'Vizhiyile Mani Vizhiyile'. (Much later Balki used as 'Jaane Do Na'.) Then onwards, I tried to watch the movie to know whether the movie has carried the same calibre of the song. After watched today, I happily accepted that the song and movie was 'made for each other'.

After watching 'CBI Shankar' and 'Janma Janmada Anubandha', I admired ShankarNag's brilliance in acting and film making. In Geetha, he acted as a lover, singer and his acting was magnetized. But, the prime character was of heroin's. Her act from a free bird to a diseased one was simply, wonderful.

This tear-jerking movie brought out the thoughts of two of the similar tragic end movies. 'Geetanjali' of Telugu and 'Punnagai Mannan' of Tamil. Not surprise, all these three movies were musical hits and scored by Maestro Ilaiyaraja. And nothing to say about his BGM, which highly boosted the emotions delivered in the scenes.
I already had 'Jotheyali' and 'Kelade nimageega' in my playlist from 'Geetha', I added 'Yenu Kelu' as a new entry.

Both of the movies show the three decades older Bangalore. Yes, the peaceful, greenery and cool city. Gone are the days.