Saturday, July 07, 2018

A Stray Dog.

Once upon a time in the park
When the sky turned into dark
I tried my bicycle to park,
Alas, I could not hear a single bark.

"Oh stray dogs, where did all you go?
My poor soul wants that to know.
Had you all been caught?
Say atleast one of you, "No, not!"

Did you go behind a beauty?
Did you do all the naughty?
Did you have set of babies?
Did you start spreading rabbies?"

"When the cloud opens,
We dont have shelter to hide
When the sun shines,
We dont get water to tide.

We are orphans roaming in the road
We are creatures have none to feed
We draw our borders in the street
Whoever comes, we look their feet

We speak eachother, we fight eachother
We cuddle eachother, we kill eachother
Oh Man! whenever you hear when we speak,
You term it in a single word as bark

After the last dog dies because of starvation
You will feel the painful silence as salvation
With the help of a stray dog's instinct
I say, one day we all will go into extinct

Until then, why don't you feed me
Until then, why don't you care me
Until then, why don't you share a kiss
Until the mighty dark fall upon all of us"

"Oh stray dog! you opened my eyes
Further I will treat you as much as nice
Now, like the sun rays kill the chill fog
Clear the silence and bark like a true stray dog"